Jimmy’s generation respected their teachers

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The school theme continues this week with memories from Bainsford resident Jimmy Young.

Jimmy was born in 1926 in Glebe Street and moved to Abbotsford Street in Bainsford to a brand new house. He vaguely remembers walking beside his sister’s pram loaded with household items during the move.

He attended Bainsford Primary School in 1931 which had outside toilets and a shed for rainy days. The classrooms were heated by a coal fire and had more than 40 pupils.

Jimmy said: “We respected our teachers, perhaps because the belt had something to do with this. It was used for lack of attention or speaking in class.”

Jimmy also remembers the games the children played at school, which differ a lot from the games in today’s playgrounds.

He added: “We played games such as ‘Leave Oh’, ‘Free Den’ and ‘Kick the Can’. These were also played late in the year when the nights were dark.

“In the summer months we played hockey on roller skates, girds and cleeks, flying kites and we all had four-wheeled bogies. The Brae at David’s Loan was a popular place for them.

“We also had had the ‘Cinder Hill’. This was a slag heap of waste from the foundries and we used to slide down the slopes on sheets of corrugated iron.

“We got dirty, scraped and usually got a row from our mums but it was worth it. We sometimes went to West Carron to play on the swings as they were the only ones in the area at that time.”