Ian puts some names to Falkirk Herald faces

Falkirk Herald Christmas dance photo circa 1950
Falkirk Herald Christmas dance photo circa 1950

After publishing the photograph above in our June 11 edition looking for names, former Falkirk Herald employee Ian Trapp has obliged.

The picture was taken at a Herald Christmas night out some time in the 1950s and was sent in by Andrew Heatherington, whose mother Grace worked for the paper and is sitting on the right in the front row.

Ian has pointed out that the party was held in the old Mathesons hall, which was popular for such events.

Grace’s colleagues in the picture include George Roan, Bette Simpson, freature writer Jean Graham, works manager Graham Simpson, photographers Bill Miller and Dennis Coutts, Morag Trapp and George Trapp - the chief photographer who captured Falkirk’s winning goal in the 1957 Scottish Cup final.