Hastings girls help Falkirk Spitfire fund

A picture of Falkirk Bairns who collected to raise money to buy a Spitfire for the Second World War effort brought back memories for Sheena Watson of the Bog Road area.

Sheena (nee Hastings) called in when she saw the above photo of the kids who included three of her big sisters. The picture was taken outside their Comely Place home where they lived in a one-room flat, circa 1940.

Nina Hastings (10), who now lives in Bournemouth, is fourth from left in the second row, Anne (9) is in the same row, eighth along, and Ruby (4) is holding the first E. Their father Peter can be also seen in the background. Anne and Ruby have sadly passed away.

Sheena said: “It was a tight squeeze, but that was the way families lived back then.”