Grangemouth shipyard pals in 1940s

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Hard working individuals from another age ...

>>SHIPS AWAY: This picture shows shipwrights Robert Robertson and Jim

Sinclair standing in the engine room of a ship they were working on

at Grangemouth Ship Yard in the 1940s. The yard was world famous for its quality builds and Mr Robertson from Grangemouth, pictured on the left, worked there from the age of 16 for 22 years. He said: "It was

a tough job, very tiring, but I loved my work. The men were great and, if you did your job right, everything was good. Making a mistake got you

in trouble though, as you cannot afford mistakes in shipbuilding. I don't know if any ships we built are still in use but we took such pride in our work that I wouldn't be surprised if they were.