George remembers terrace days at Brockville

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The announcement that Ronan Keating is playing at Falkirk’s football stadium brought memories flooding back for George Meikle of the days when fans stood on the terraces at Brockville.

The 66-year-old, originally from Airth, was a regular Bairns fan back in the 1960s when the club’s old stadium in the town centre was packed to the rafters with supporters.

And he reckons the club was even innovative back then when it came to music at the ground.

He said: “They created a space in the stand for a band called The Roadrunners’ They were brilliant and played at La Bamba too.

“The pipe band, Muirhead’s and Sons, played as well and they were world champions. There was a massive tartan plaid that was passed around and people would throw money into it.

“I much preferred the old ground. There was better craic and a great atmosphere. I used to stand in the enclosure just a few feet from the opposing fans.

“I remember one game we were giving the Hearts goalie stick like you never heard until they scored from a mistake by our keeper. He got his own back that day.”