Former Falkirk Harrier flies back in time

Falkirk Victoria Harriers pictured in season 1909/10
Falkirk Victoria Harriers pictured in season 1909/10

A former Falkirk Victoria Harrier is searching for more information on this old picture.

Leigh Ritchie (37), originally from Whitecross, joined the well known athletics club when she 12 until around 1988 so was thrilled to see such an old one.

The picture, which is in great condition, was found by her friend Derek Paton when he bought a house in Blair Terrace.

Leigh said: “From a little research I think it’s the oldest picture of the club so it’s quite historic and it’s in great condition.

“On the Falkirk Council Museum page there is only photos dating back to 1923. This one is from 1909-10.

“It might have belonged to a family named Downie at one point so I’m trying to track who might know who did own it and get more information of who might be in the picture so I can get more details.”