Falkirk nightclub’s name games

Rokotto were a popular band at the Maniqui in the 1970s
Rokotto were a popular band at the Maniqui in the 1970s
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Following on from DJ Douglas Law’s memories of DJing in the Maniqui in the 1970s last week, the Maddiston music lover shares more club tales.

Douglas said: “I started in the Maniqui in 1973 with DJ at the time, Tom Caine, taking me under his wing and acting as a mentor. He was a great DJ and I learned a lot from him.

“Back then there were two bars in the main area and the bar staff were really good, I think barmaid Marie Reynolds worked there just as long as I did - 11 years.

“The Johnston family owned the Maniqui and Dave, Bill, Sheila and Jessie were always around to oversee things while the large crowds on Friday and Saturday night were taken care of by great stewards including Rab Paton, Davie Gilchrist, Jake McCormack and Jim Moffat.”

In the early 1980s, the Maniqui changed to Oil Can Harry’s.

Douglas continued: “I worked for a few years during the Oil Can Harry’s era. By now it was a more sophisticated night club with plush seating, new bars and an impressive sound and lighting system.

“And where did the name come from? Oil Can Harry was a baddie in the silent movies of the 1930s but despite the name change, people still referred to it as the Maniqui, with older patrons still calling it Doak’s. And even today, the club is now operating as Storm but many still call it the Maniqui – it’s funny how old names stick.”