Dancing the night away in Falkirk hot spot

A night at the dancing was the highlight of Frank Simpson's week
A night at the dancing was the highlight of Frank Simpson's week

WHEN Frank Simpson was a teenager, every week he would get through his work as an apprentice electrician by looking forward to a night at the dancing.

Frank was a teen in the 1950s and would go to the dancing every Friday and Saturday night.

He remembers: “I would get through the week by counting how many days until the dancing and by my half-day Friday I would be walking on air.

“My ritual was always the same, finish work, head up to Falkirk High Street, have a look through the records in the shops and maybe, if I was feeling flush, buy one.

“Then it was home to get myself ready for a night out. My friends and I put a lot of effort into getting ready and we’d have on our best clothes and our hair slicked back like the film stars wore it.

“We thought we looked like film stars!”

The boys would head for a couple of pints to bring them Dutch courage and then head to Doak’s Ballroom.

Frank said: “It would always be groups of girls on one side of the room and boys on the other - we weren’t very sophisticated back then!

“It was just as well we’d have a few pints beforehand, that would be the liquid courage you needed to ask a pretty girl to dance!

“By the end of the night most of the girls and guys would have paired up and be enjoying a slow dance together.”