Carron at the forefront of the industrial revolution

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Carron Iron Works was the birthplace of the Scottish iron industry and one of the driving forces behind the industrial revolution that would transform Britain and the rest of the world.

First established in 1769, the Carron Company soon earned a reputation for producing munitions and weaponry, alongside civilian items such as postboxes, but its most famous product was undoubtedly the Carronade.

Workers carry out some spot welding

Workers carry out some spot welding

This short, cast iron cannon was developed in 1778 for the Royal Navy.

It was used up until the 1860s, most notably on HMS Victory, proving to be a significant contribution to the British cause at Trafalgar, and during the American Civil War.

The company went into receivership in 1982 but, after a series of management buy-outs, production resumed at the works under several individual companies who continued the Carron name, most notably Carron Phoenix.

This series of pictures was taken early in 1959. If you have any memories - or further photographs - of the works at the time, e-mail