Camelon foundry produced cricket players too

The Glover and Main cricket team circa mid-1930s
The Glover and Main cricket team circa mid-1930s

Football has always been Scotland’s national sport, but there are less popular ones that local men and women are just as passionate about.

While cricket is seen as an essentially English sport, Scots have keenly partaken for decades with many local clubs being formed in the district over the years.

The Glover & Main Cricket Club was one that featured local players. Dennis Callaghan’s dad Charles, pictured second left front row, was one of them.

Dennis said: “The company was created by a merger between Thomas glover and Co. and R&A Main who produced gas cookers, stoves, fires and lots of other objects at their foundry in Camelon where my dad worked. It was sited where the new Tesco in Camelon is today. I don’t know where the team played.”

If you know any of the other players, please let us know.