Camelon cricketers fondly remembered

Glover and Main Cricket Club Circa 1930s
Glover and Main Cricket Club Circa 1930s

This picture must have been quite a popular one at the time it was taken.

The photograph is of the Glover and Main Cricket team circa 1930s and features Charles Callaghan (second left, front row), father of Dennis Callaghan from Camelon, who sent the picture in.

Someone else’s father is in the shot too. Ray Bruce from Falkirk called in to say her dad, William Laing, is seated at the front and she believes her grandfather, John Russell Laing, was also in the team but doesn’t know which one he is.

Ray said: “My mum has this exact same picture and it’s one I’ve seen many times over the years.

“My dad always used to say he was the team mascot so that’s why he’s not dressed in the kit and he’s the youngest one in it. I’d say the picture was taken in the late 1930s because my dad looks about 11.”