Back to the blackboard in Maddiston

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School days are often remembered with a mixture of delight or dread.

Local historian David Leask (63) from Maddiston was a pupil at the local primary in the 1950s and ‘60s and has only fond memories of his days as an ankle-biter.

The school was demolished last year with plans for housing on the site, a fact that has stirred many memories locally.

Mr Leask said: “It’s amazing to think of the thousands of weans who have passed through the school’s doors over the years.

“I enjoyed school, I think I started in 1954 or ‘55 and class sizes were really big in those days. No wonder the teachers were strict, they had to be.

“I still meet a couple of teachers now. One is very different to what I remember.”

Pictured above are the teachers of Maddiston Primary School for the 1981-82 year, who pupils of the school will no doubt remember for many different reasons.

From (l-r) back row are: Mrs Ferrie, 1978-89; Mrs Spence, 1987-94; Mrs Shanks (Wilma Gow) joined 1976 and left to become head teacher at Victoria Primary School; Miss Gardener, 1981-82; ?; Mrs Hunter, joined 1977, became senior teacher at Airth PS; Mrs Fleming, 1973-1981; Miss Blair, joined the staff in 1972 and is now assistant head teacher; Mrs Hodgkiss, 1971-1987 (head teacher from 1984); Mr Wilson, headmaster from 1971-84; Miss Hutton, 1975-1984; Miss McNeil, 1981-87.

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