No rest for Falkirk band as new boys get straight to work

Echofela are back with a brand new line-up
Echofela are back with a brand new line-up

One of Falkirk’s hardest working bands are back - with a brand new line up.

Echofela welcome Stephen Grant on bass and Graeme Bell on drums after saying goodbye to Graeme Mack and Ross Kilgour.

The newbies joined singer Barry Price and Adam Railton on guitar and despite only being together a few weeks have already been pounding the live music circuit.

They started with their first gig in Glasgow last weekend followed quickly by a set at Grangemouth Music Festival and Cape in Stirling.

They are rounding off their gig marathon with a night at Behind the Wall in Falkirk on Saturday (August 13).

Singer Barry said: “We have really thrown ourselves in the deep end but we are loving it.

“Echofela haven’t played Falkirk in a long time so Behind the Wall should be a great gig - we are all so excited for it.”

The band were forced to part ways with Graeme and Ross due to their family commitments and say the new line up allows them to push themselves further than before.

“We are all so committed to Echofela and want to continue to gig and get us in a place we want to be.

“Obviously the aim is to get signed, that is what every band wants but we also want to push the band and generate our own sales for singles.”

Echofela release ‘Can’t Find the Time’ in December and are following that with another release, which they are keeping under their hats for now, in April to go alongside their UK tour.

In an added bonus, the band have also been approached by a professional filming company who want to create a music video for them.

Barry said: “That was a massive surprise, we have made videos before but they have been DIY efforts using our limited filming and editing skills. This one will be amazing and we are coming up with ideas all the time for what we want to do in it.

“It’s such an exciting time for Echofela, the line up is amazing, the sound is brilliant and we are all motivated to make this our year.”

The gig at Behind the Wall is free and the night kicks off at 8 p.m. Over 18s only.

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