Newshound Poppy pops in to Falkirk Herald

Now was it bring your dog to work day or was it bring your child?

We couldn't remember - so we did both!

Newshound Poppy visits The Falkirk Herald office

Newshound Poppy visits The Falkirk Herald office

Newshound Poppy, a ten month old Cockapoo belonging to administrator Lorraine Crombie, came in as part of Take Your Dog To Work Day.

The lively pooch was delighted when young Charlie Trimble (8), son of reporter James Trimble, popped in and the pair had great fun making use of the space to play.

And their 'owners' were even happier as both tired themselves out.

Bring Your Dog To Work Day raises money for charities that support the welfare of dogs. It also highlights the positive benefits for employee productivity and wellbeing when our four-legged friends join us in the workplace.

It's supposed to reduce stress levels having dogs in the workplace ... and it was certainly fun this afternoon watching the new friends play.