Maggie's Centre welcomes bumper donation

A single donation from a grateful daughter will enable the new Maggie's Centre at Forth Valley Royal Hospital to function for a whole week.

On the fourth anniversary of losing her mum, Veda Stephen, to cancer, Veda Dewar met Maggie’s volunteer Suzanne MacCrimmon to receive a thank you certificate for funding an entire week after raising a fantastic £12,000. Along for the show was little lamb Maggie, named after she was born at Witches Craig, Blairlogie, near Stirling, on the same day Maggie’s opened in Forth Valley.

Stomach cancer claimed Veda’s mum in April 2013 and, just weeks later, her father had an operation to remove a cancerous tumour in his bowel.

She has also lost several friends to cancer and knows others going through treatment. Veda, who runs Witches Craig Caravan Park, said: “I chose Maggie’s out of appreciation for the centre at the Beatson in Glasgow. While my mum was receiving her chemotherapy dad would spend the day in the centre. I want to make people aware that family and friends require support just as much as the patient.”

Liz MacMillan, centre head at Maggie’s Forth Valley, said: “We are so grateful that Witches Craig is ‘paying for a week’ at Maggie’s Forth Valley.

“Maggie’s Forth Valley relies entirely on voluntary donations to allow us to keep on developing our unique programme of support for people living with cancer and to be able to offer that support to everyone who needs it.”