Looking back: Toddler freed by firefighters back in 1987

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Firemen went to the rescue of a trapped toddler to help her perform the great escape in 1987.

Two year old Jacqueline Dalgleish was up to her neck in trouble when fun and games in her grandparents’ garden left the youngster stuck in the railings. The weekend drama in Bonnybridge sparked off an alert at Falkirk fire station.

This week Jacqueline of Blaefaulds Crescent, Denny, said ‘‘thank you’’ to the four firemen who used hydraulic equipment to set her free.

Jacqueline’s mother, Susan, and father, Tom, were at a wedding when disaster struck said Mrs Dalgleish.

‘‘We’ve had a good laugh about it all but it couldn’t have been very pleasant for Jacqueline at the time. It’s great to be able to thank the firemen.’’