Local woman opens pop-up prom shop for youngsters

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With prom season just around the corner, it can be an exciting time for any youngster but also an incredibly expensive one.

Mairi Summers (46) of Falkirk plans to help locals with the rising costs by opening a pop-up clothing library at Forth Valley Community Focus, located at 71 Manor Street, Falkirk.

She said: “I believe prom is an important right of passage for anyone but it can also be a huge financial burden for many families so I created Pop-up Prom.

“The idea is people will donate items to the clothing library for others to use then will return the same item to let others borrow too.

“We are working with local schools and other organisations to reach out to those who may need to borrow clothing.”

However, once prom season comes to an end, Mairi doesn’t want to let her efforts go to waste.

She said: “I’m hoping to expand on the idea and create a free service for anyone who needs to borrow clothing for a job interview, for example.”