Larbert teacher wins £5K in popular breakfast radio competition

Laura Gillespie
Laura Gillespie

A Kinnaird Primary teacher has single-handedly banished ‘the curse of the teacher’ for a popular phone-in radio competition.

Up until now, no teacher had ever got a perfect ten on Clyde 1’s £5K Minute.

However Laura Gillespie answered all the questions correctly yesterday (Tuesday) to walk away with the top prize.

The 34-year-old smashed through all ten questions with no assistance – just some moral support from her partner Allan who was by her side during the tense 60 seconds.

The teacher showed her knowledge across a number of topics ranging from the periodic table and maths to football and popular culture.

Laura said: “I don’t believe it, it’s the best start to the week ever!

“I’ve tried to get on the £5K Minute a few times before but I’ve never got through.

“I thought I’d try my luck as it was half term and I wasn’t in school.

“I listen to the £5K Minute every day on my commute – it’s a bit different when you’re answering the questions live on the radio.

“I was nervous but I just tried to keep my cool.

“It all comes down to the questions you get and I think I was quite lucky!

“The fact I’ve won £5000 is still sinking in so I’m not sure how I’ll spend it but I’m going to enjoy it and get something nice for myself and I’ll treat Allan too.”

Breakfast presenter George Bowie couldn’t have been more pleased to see Laura trump Clyde 1’s £5K Minute.

He said: “This is a big day for the £5K Minute with our first ever teacher answering all ten questions correctly so the whole ‘teacher can never win thing’ can be laid to rest now!

“Massive well done to Laura and we hope she enjoys spending her £5000 cash once it actually sinks in.”