Kelpies turn blue for World Parkinson’s Day

Picture: Michael Gillen
Picture: Michael Gillen

Falkirk’s Kelpies will be transformed today into an illumination of support for families struggling to cope with the terrible illness.

Wednesday, April 11 celebrates World Parkinson’s Day which aims to raise awareness and the Kelpies will be turn Parkinson’s UK trademark blue to mark the occasion.

Parkinson’s UK also calls for local businesses and organisations to help make life better for people living with it.

Parkinson’s affects more than 12,000 people in Scotland and has more than 40 symptoms, however, many are little known among the wider public and the charity has found that a lack of awareness of the condition and its symptoms can make everyday activities difficult.

This is why they’re encouraging employers to participate in an online awareness training video to inform their staff about the condition and why popular landmarks, such as the Kelpies, will light up today in support.

Annie Macleod, director of Parkinson’s UK in Scotland, says: “Parkinson’s symptoms can affect every aspect of a person’s life.

“From mobility and balance, to bladder and bowel and communication combined with mental health symptoms and dementia, Parkinson’s can cause major challenges.

“The lack of public awareness of how these difficult symptoms can affect daily living can prevent people going out and engaging in their communities, and that leads to even greater isolation and loneliness.

“Living with Parkinson’s is not easy but it can be made much better if there is wider understanding and awareness of what having Parkinson’s means.”

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service have also been involved in developing the training and ensures that all staff take part.

David McGown, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s director of prevention and protection said: “We are delighted to have been involved in the development of this training, it’s quick and easy to deliver and provides colleagues with a hugely invaluable insight into Parkinson’s that helps us shape and deliver services effectively and appropriately.

“I’d encourage all employers across Scotland to sign up for the free online video training.”

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