Kelpies to Cardiff charity cycle

The cyclists will set off from the Kelpies on June 30
The cyclists will set off from the Kelpies on June 30

A team of 11 cyclists are set to embark on a gruelling 500-mile challenge to raise money for various cancer, dementia, and cystic fibrosis charities.

Setting off from the Kelpies on June 30, the six-day cycle will see the participants cover between 70 and 100 miles every day.

The group are raising money for the Beatson Cancer Charity, Parkinson’s UK, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Dementia UK, and the Scottish Burned Children’s Club, and have so far raised over £8500.

The cyclists taking part are Stephen Donovan, Wendy Donovan, Bryan Shade, Cameron Weir, Gordon Smith, Jonathan Fellingham, Kevin Riley, Shaun McGrandles, Tracey Minto, Angela Rodgers and Chris Rodgers.

Stephen said: “One of the guys’ mum passed away and she had been in the Beatson so we decided to put some money towards the centre.

“Others have picked charities close to them. We’re self-funding so we need a support and need a running float.

“We’re all friends and we go out cycling together. This time we’ve been sponsored with a driver and a fund for any accidents or mishaps and running costs of the event.

“The last time we went down the east coast and once we got to York it was quite flat so we thought we would make it more difficult!”

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