Velvet underground

It may take courage to create an ultra glam look with extravagant textures in rich hues and jewel tones, but moody room sets come into their own this time of year, and grand designs can be a pleasure to come home to.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 7th November 2015, 4:00 pm
Th PA Photo/Handout.
Th PA Photo/Handout.

Luxurious and opulent, plush velvets, furniture with gentle curves, smoked glass and anything inspired by the glamour of the 1920s, art deco or 18th century classic French design, will help you create an eye-catching scheme with long lasting appeal.

“The Boutique Hotel look was born out of an increased interest by our customers in products which bring a sense of luxury back into their homes,” says Pip Prinsloo, designer manager Home at John Lewis.

“This demand is not disposable, but for striking pieces that are beautifully designed and use the best materials to stand the test of time. From luxurious textiles to opulent finishes and prints, Boutique Hotel has a polished feel that aims to impress and stimulate the senses.”

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Lustrous and dramatic, rich textiles can transform a room, especially when they’re mixed with dark decos and anything ornate; and they can withstand wear and tear more than you might think.

“Velvet is a fabric which speaks sartorial volumes. It screams luxury, but also comfort, as nothing can compare to the silky tactile softness of this fabric’s unique pile,” says Alison Cork, founder of WITHIN Home. “This is why it’s superb for any item of furniture we may sit upon and be enveloped by - a velvet sofa is the ultimate statement piece.”

Along with glitzy hotels, designers have also drawn inspiration from elegant city living that reflects the glamour of a Parisian apartment, New York pied-a-terre or a bygone age of opulence, and more formal entertaining when cocktails would be served before dinner.

“When it comes to creating a luxurious, opulent interior scheme, the materials used are crucial,” says Kate Mooney, CEO, “Rich timber, crystal and metallic finishes are perfect for creating a look that exudes decadence.”

Designers cite copper and brass as the most popular metallic finishes for AW15, as they add warmth, which is wonderful for colder months.

Also key to your luxe look are throws, cushions and rugs in wool, cashmere and velvet, to make sure the finishing touches are as inviting and comfortable as they are stylish.

“I adore mixing and matching different textures to add surprise and interest, it creates a delightful layered look,” says Annabel Astor, co-founder of furniture store OKA.

“Black is an incredibly flexible colour, it works with everything. It can transform a room into an extraordinarily glamorous space - just don’t be too afraid to try.”

One of the most underrated colours in design, black works as a neutral and helps tie everything together. It can even be used on doors and window frames as a building block to set off window dressings, furnishings and even floorings.

“A patterned carpet in deeper coloured berry tones will contrast beautifully against dark walls, and will instantly create a luxe decor to any room set,” says Emma Hopkins, marketing manager at Crucial Trading.

“Introducing these colour ways to bedrooms and living rooms will work particularly well, as it will create an opulent ambience - simply finish the look by adding homewares such as glass vases, art deco mirrors, velvet cushions or a statement, jewel-toned armchair for a refined and timeless feel.”