Make your home pick of the bunch

Flowers are blooming in our rooms, as our love affair with nature and all things botanical continues to grow.

PA Photo/Handout
PA Photo/Handout

Whether your taste is for exotic blooms, pretty posies or a scattering of country flowers, they should be blossoming on walls, or at the very least, on accessories.

“Florals have made a big comeback in interiors as people move away from minimalism,” says interior designer Joanna Wood.

“They are an enduring favourite in decor with their colour and beauty, but to interpret them in a fresh, contemporary way, the use of bright vibrant colour is key - especially bold pinks, aquas, turquoise and bang on trend deep, dark blues.

“A particularly striking way to follow the trend is to let one statement piece, such a sofa or chair, curtains or perhaps a paper on a feature wall, dazzle.”

Anything can be a catalyst for for an interior scheme, and you could be inspired by the glorious displays at the highlight of the gardener’s year, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Luckily, there’s no need for green fingers to have home-grown florals - just follow the advice of the experts for fresh-as-a-daisy settings.

While a bold shade, like red, coupled with a strong floral pattern isn’t a combination for the faint-hearted, this duo can make a real impact. “Tired of the quiet neutralism of the recession, we’re once again waking up to the idea of experimenting with bold colours,” says Mike Constable, managing director of JAB international furnishings.

“Big bold prints, inspired by painterly florals and the catwalk, are making their way back into the home. One bold piece can make a room really pop, and then you can neutralise the bright colours with natural tones in the rest of the room.

“One of the bonuses of using a strong, warming shade like red, is that it will look just as appropriate in the winter as in the summer.”

Gardisette fabrics by JAB Anstoetz are irresistible, as long as you’re not a shrinking violet. Choose from Bella, a large blossom print, or Lisa, with its delicate floral tendrils, both £22.70 a square metre.

If you’re seeking a statement furniture piece, an Alpine Chair, currently reduced to £639, Multiyork, would certainly attract attention. For an instant floral revamp, add new accessories, such as a Botanic Cushion, £59, BoConcept. The new Tulips design from Royal Crown Derby is perfect with a dinner set.

Always make sure to consider the type of flowers in the print design and the impression they will create, though.