hang on! Go bold with chandeliers

They may conjure images of royalty and riches, but there’s no reason why chandeliers can’t illuminate more down-to-earth homes too.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 29th March 2014, 4:00 pm
PA Photo/Handout
PA Photo/Handout

In fact, forget six-figure price tags and humongous fittings dripping with crystals (though those are fine if that’s what you fancy!), the chandeliers of bygone eras have inspired a wide range of chic and contemporary versions.

Whether you’re after a design that’s replete with ornate gold arms or boasting bold art deco charm, chandeliers can be the leading light of a room.

Lucy Powles, director of luxury design service Cocovara (www.cocovara.com), is a big believer in using a fabulous fixture to really make a statement with lighting.

“If you want to add a wow factor to any room, I always recommend using beautiful and unexpected chandeliers,” she says.

“They become decorative elements as well as functional, and will add glamour to any size of space.”

And size is all-important when it comes to picking out chandeliers, according to Powles.

“In general, I’d say opt for bigger rather than smaller,” she says. “You can always hang the piece slightly closer to the ceiling so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming,”

With such a flashy focus to your room, it pays to keep an eye on the type of lighting beaming out from your stunning centrepiece.

“When it comes to creating a relaxing ambience, soft lighting is key,” explains Lucy.

“Make sure you install dimmer switches on every chandelier in your home, so you can create the mood and offer a more flattering light.”

Chandeliers may be a bold choice, but that doesn’t mean you have to play it safe and stick to just the one.

“Don’t limit yourself to just one chandelier either,” says Powles. “In a very large room, two slightly smaller fixtures can add an individual interest, while looking just as chic.”

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