Gardeners'crops makea top show

This year's Grangemouth Horticultural Society Flower Show at Grangemouth Town Hall was another well attended colourful occasion.

A top turnout of local gardeners and green-fingered growers from all over Scotland greeted the public who visited the Bo’ness Road venue on Saturday afternoon.

The big trophy winners for 2016 were: Stirlingshire Championship – D Scott, James Ferrier Memorial – John Davis and Thomas Laidlaw Memorial – D Scott (Chrysanthemums); James Struth Memorial Trophy and Fuchsia Best Exhibit – M & M Muszynski.

Grangemouth Stumproot Championships (Three Stumproot Carrots) – J Pearson; Master Gardener (D Scott); Floral Art – Isobel Anderson; Best Vases (Roses) – Bill Anderson; Best Exhibit (miscellaneous) – Keith Brand; Best Exhibit (Gladiola) – Pam Canning; Best Exhibit (Vegetable) – J Pearson; Joe Woods Memorial – A Barnard and Robin Barnes Trophy – Frank Fraser (Dahlias).