Everything is justcoming up roses

Spring’s weather may not be going according to plan with only occasional bursts of sunshine, but there’s no need to put up with dull, drab rooms.

Artificial flowers from a selection at Dunelm Mill - artificial red poppy arrangement, £19.99, Dunelm Mill. PA Photo/Handout.
Artificial flowers from a selection at Dunelm Mill - artificial red poppy arrangement, £19.99, Dunelm Mill. PA Photo/Handout.

When the RHS Chelsea Flower Show blooms into life once again, we’ll all be reminded of the transformative powers of flowers - and a pretty bouquet could breathe new life into your home too.

Refreshing decor with floral patterns on wallpaper, fabrics or even a group of objects decorated with splashy blooms or delicate buds will ensure a perfect seasonal makeover.

“Flowers, especially roses, are a big theme this season and can be used to adorn just about anything,” says Caroline Hodgson, buying manager at Barker and Stonehouse.

“From tiny rose prints on cushions, curtains and bedding to large roses in full bloom painted on headboards, they look gorgeous on a variety of interiors and furnishings.”

Florals pair particularly well with a pastel palette of soft, ice-cream shades, says Selina Lake, author of Pretty Pastel Style.

“For as long as we’ve been enjoying flowers in our homes, we’ve also been stitching, printing and weaving them onto fabric,” she points out.

Follow the experts guide to grow-your-own floral style.

Delicate blooms

Follow your taste when creating a floral setting. Boastful bouquets or hot tropical blooms have their place but if you’re someone who prefers an English country garden look there’s plenty to inspire. Delicate florals make the perfect accompaniment to a white scheme, they can punctuate with bright splashes of colour and create subtle pockets of interest without destroying a tranquil feel.

Dunelm Mill is a home horticulturist’s delight with a Summer Paints bedding set.

Flower power

Big blooms in vibrant colours boast a confidence in decor design and work brilliantly in contemporary settings. Be careful not to get carried away so that the sheer vibrancy and pattern make a statement rather than dominate, and then sit back and wait for the flowery compliments. Laura Ashley’s a natural destination for those who love to use petal power and its Chiswick Cranberry collection with wallpaper and fabrics featuring heavy red roses is a classic.

Vase vanity

It’s the sheer inventiveness of Vic Brotherson’s fresh flower arrangements which impress just as much as their beauty. The florist and author of the inspiring Vintge Flowers constantly thinks outside the vase, proving that any container dressed with the right blooms can look stunning.