Blooming marvellous day at Polmont Horticultural Society’s show

Visitors to the 172nd Polmont Horticultural Society Flower Show were in for a great time last weekend.

Thursday, 12th September 2019, 12:00 pm
Polmont Horticultural Society members David Hunter, Jim Wilson and Ian Clark. Pic: Alan Murray

The event, which was once again held in Polmont Sports Centre, was awash with colour, aromatic scents and some remarkably large vegetables.

Proud participants were delighted to show their flowers and produce to the gathered crowd of visitors and to the judging panel.

Of course, prizes were given out on the day, but the main focus of the annual event was the celebration of hard work and dedication that is put in by all involved.

It’s safe to say that once again the show was a resounding success.

In a post on its Facebook page Polmont Horticultural Society said: “What a fantastic day! There were lots of super entries and a great turn out.

“A huge thank you to our commitee, judges, scouts, helpers and visitors.

“We could not have done it without you.”

Class winners: A2. James Elliott; B1. George Duncan; B3. George Duncan; B4. George Duncan; B6. T & S Martin; C1. Janet Anderson; C4. George Duncan; C5. T & S Martin; C7. Gordon Blair; C8. Janet Anderson; C9. Gordon Blair; C11. Gordon Blair; C12. George Duncan; C13. F. Thomson; C14. Gordon Blair; C15. Gordon Blair; D1. T & S Martin; D2. James Elliott; D3. James Elliott; D4. James Elliott; D5. James Elliott; D6. James Elliott; D7. James Elliott; E1. T & S Martin; E2. T & S Martin; E3. T & S Martin; E4. T & S Martin; E5. T & S Martin; F1. Ian Turner; F2. Jordan & Sean Turner; F3. Jordan & Sean Turner; F4. T & S Martin; F8. Jordan & Sean Turner; F9. Jordan & Sean Turner; F10. Ian Turner; F11. Jordan & Sean Turner; F12. Ian Turner; F13. T & S Martin; F15. Andrew Alexander-Allan; F16. T & S Martin; F17. Ian Turner; F18. Jordan & Sean Turner; G1. David Scott; G6. David Scott; G7. David Scott; H1. T & S Martin; H2. Tom Sneddon; H3. Ian Simpson; H4. Tom Sneddon; H5. T & S Martin; H6. Tom Sneddon; H7. Joan Ferrier; H8. Tom Sneddon; H9. Andrew Cathcart; H10. Andrew Cathcart; H11. James Elliott; H12. David Easton; HB1. Alfred Hargreaves; HB2. P. Simpson; HB3. P. Simpson; HB4. P. Simpson; J1. Tom Sneddon; J2. Tom Sneddon; J3. Tom Sneddon; J4. Tom Sneddon; J5. Tom Sneddon; K5. T & S Martin; K7. T & S Martin; K8. T & S Martin; K9. George Duncan; K10. T & S Martin; K11. James Elliott; K12. Andrew Cameron; K13. George Duncan; K14. George Duncan; K15. George Duncan; K16. Andrew Cameron; K17. Andrew Cameron; K18. Andrew Cameron; K19. T & S Martin; K20. T & S Martin; K21. T & S Martin; K22. T & S Martin; K23. T & S Martin; K28. James Elliott; K30. James Elliott; K31. T & S Martin; K32. T & S Martin; K33. T & S Martin; K34. T & S Martin; K41. T & S Martin; K44. T & S Martin; K45. T & S Martin; K46. Rosemary Taylor; K47. Andrew Cameron; K48. Margaret Day; K49. T & S Martin; K50. T & S Martin; K51. Margaret Day; K52. George Duncan; M1. Margaret Day; M2. Mary Brown; M3. Mary Brown; M4. Gairlagh Smyth; M5. Elizabeth Farr; M6. Sandra Reid; M7. Mary Brown; M8. Anne Taylor; M9. Mary Finlay; M10. Anne Taylor; M11. Sandra Reid; M12. Marion Pocock; M13. Mary Brown; M14. Margaret Day; M15. T & S Martin; M16. Marion Pocock; M17. Anne Taylor; M18. Mary Finlay; M19. Anne Taylor; M20. Sandra Reid; M21. Gairlagh Smyth; N1. Liz Hamilton; N2. Margaret Crawford; N3. Audrey Alexander-Allan; N4. Mary Finlay; N5. Mairi Stevenson; N6. Carol Anne Robertson; N7. Anne Taylor; N8. Anne Taylor; N9. Elizabeth Farr; N10. Gairlagh Smyth; N11. Roy Baird; N12. Mary Finlay; P4. James Thomas Stewart; P5. James Thomas Stewart; P6. James Thomas Stewart; P7. James Seeruttun; R1. Erin Brown; X1. T & S Martin; X2. Janet Anderson; X3. Jennifer Pocock; Z1. Mary Brown; Z2. Clare Seeruttun.

Polmont Horticultural Society annual show at Polmont Sports Centre on Saturday, September 7. Picture by Alan Murray.
Polmont Horticultural Society annual show at Polmont Sports Centre on Saturday, September 7. Picture by Alan Murray.
Polmont Horticultural Society annual show at Polmont Sports Centre on Saturday, September 7. Picture by Alan Murray.