Ho ho with Jo

Jo Caulfield
Jo Caulfield

One of the UK’s top female comics is shunning the large cities and playing to towns for her latest tour.

Jo Cauldfield will play Falkirk Town Hall on November 19 for the ‘Cruel to be Kind’ tour. The comedian is renowned for her appearances on ‘Mock the Week’, ‘Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow’ and ‘Have I got News For You’ and was a writer for comic Graham Norton for years.

After three sell out national tours, playing the biggest theatres in the country, she is gearing up for what she has dubbed ‘The Tour of Towns I’ve Heard of But Never Been To’.

The Falkirk Herald spoke to Jo, who was born in Wales to Irish parents, grew up in England and now lives in Scotland, about why she is looking forward to playing Falkirk.

Jo, who is half way through the tour said: “I am really enjoying playing to towns. I have done the cities a few times now and tend to keep getting booked for the same venues so this is a way to play new places and get in new audiences.

“I actually very nearly played Falkirk last year for the Funny in Falkirk Festival but it was just too close to the Edinburgh Festival period for me to do so I kept it in mind when thinking up places to play for this tour.”

The first half of Jo’s show will be based on things that annoy her while the second half will be interactive with the audience.

“Basically the start of my show is just an excuse for me to have a good rant about everything and anything that I find stupid in the world. That range includes people, things, my husband and reality television.

“I always think I’m on to a good thing when I see people in the audience turning to the people they are with any saying ‘you do that, that annoys me too’.

“By the second half I’m usually calmer and the show involves a bit of audience participation.”

Everyone is given a form before the curtains goes up to fill in with things that anger them. The best are then discussed.

Jo continued: “The audience participation has been working so well in the towns because everyone knows what the moaner is on about. People have been so specific, we had one show where the suggestion was the new traffic lights at the supermarket and the whole room erupted with applause. You don’t get that in bigger venues because your catchment area is too broad.

“You do set yourself up for some weird and wonderful responses when you are asking the audience to get involved but I wouldn’t have went into comedy if I didn’t like a bit of improvisation and often the participation section is the best part of the show.”

Tickets for Jo Caulfield, priced £9 (£8), are available from the Steeple Box Office on Falkirk High Street or by calling (01324) 506850.

The Falkirk Herald has a pair of tickets to giveaway, to be in with a chance of winning, answer the question below and send your entry on a postcard with your name, address and a contact number before 12 noon on Friday. November 11.

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