Fry up is nation's favourite hangover cure

A fry up is Britain's favourite hangover cure, according to new research.

The study shows that wolfing down a full English beats taking painkillers and drinking water as the best way to recover from a boozy night on the tiles.

A survey of 1000 adults by alcohol delivery service Booze Up found that a fry up is the number one way to defeat the morning after blues.

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Booze Up conducted the survey after previous research showed that the average Brit spends up to two years of their life nursing a hangover.

Just over one in five of the people polled (21 per cent) cited eating a fry up as the best cure, while 19 per cent swear by taking painkillers and 15 per cent prefer drinking water.

Around one in eight (13 per cent) said only sleeping would do the trick while 10 per cent reach for a fizzy or sugary drink.

Other cures identified included taking a long shower, drinking coffee, exercising and even watching Netflix in bed.

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But, worryingly, six per cent claimed that the only way to cure a hangover was the old ‘hair of the dog’ trick - drinking more alcohol.

Ashleigh Fletcher, co-founder of Booze Up, said: “With so many hangover cures out there, we wanted to find out which ones were the nation’s favourite.”

Darren Sawyer, co-founder of Booze Up, added: “Although there is no proven cure, hopefully this list will help more people beat the searing headaches and waves of nausea that appear after a heavy night of drinking.”

Top 10 most popular ways to treat a hangover:

1. Eating a fry up

2. Taking painkillers

3. Drinking water

4. Sleeping

5. Drinking fizzy/sugary drinks

6. Taking a long shower

7. Hair of the dog

8. Coffee

9. Exercise

10. Watching Netflix in bed

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