Freezing conditions continue to cause disruption on roads

The '˜Beast from the East' is sweeping the UK, and has resulted in the Met Office issuing further weather warnings across the nation. As a result, Falkirk Council have issued an update on local roads.

Thursday, 1st March 2018, 10:05 am
Updated Thursday, 1st March 2018, 11:57 am
Picture: Michael Gillen

A statement on their website reads: “Treatment of priority carriageway routes has been continuous overnight and into this morning.

“Conditions have been extremely challenging with heavy snowfall, and high winds causing snow to drift.

“In many places gritters have not managed to keep priority roads clear however we have had assistance from external contractors who have provided labour and machinery (mechanical excavators and tractors with ploughs) to clear snow drifts.”

The following routes have been particularly challenging due to snow drifts

A905 Skinflats to boundary – drifting snow. The road has now been ploughed and there is one running lane only. 2 JCBs are currently assisting the gritter in clearing drifted snow.

B803 Falkirk to Slamannan – road currently impassable. Gritter is stuck. 2 JCBs are working to clear drifting snow and to free the gritter.

Grahamsdyke to Carriden, Bo’ness – road currently impassable. Gritter is stuck – no assistance available at present.

Falkirk Council said: “Drivers changed over at 4am when it was necessary for the gritters to attend drivers’ homes to pick drivers up as it wasn’t possible for drivers to reach the depot unassisted. Whilst this delayed operations, it has assisted in ensuring we have drivers for each gritter and that drivers get home for rest.

“Overall, we have 5 JCBs assisting and one large tractor fitted with a plough, along with our 10 mainline gritters.

“Routes are being ploughed only, no salt/grit is being spread as the main task is to clear snow from routes. With the amount of snow that has fallen, any salt spread would have little effect.

“Many routes have one lane clear only and it is not possible for vehicles to pass each other.

“Priority footpath treatment started at 5am. Many operatives have not managed to reach the depot, however there are skeleton crews working in all areas ploughing snow from routes. As with carriageways, no salting is taking place, only snow clearance.”

The Scottish Government have urged people to avoid travelling unless necessary.

Also, locals should note that there is no resource for grit bin filling work at this time as all roads teams are concentrating on clearing snow from carriageways and footways.