This is dim sum at its best

The only concern you may have about eating in a building, which could easily double as an aircraft hangar is temperature '“ and I'd strongly suggest you wear something warm! However, having gotten over that wee minor hurdle by asking to be seated at a table underneath a halogen heater, sit down and give yourself a half hour to trawl through the extensive menus '“ there are three of them!

By The Newsroom
Monday, 15th February 2016, 9:00 am
See Woo has the largest selection of Dim Sum this side of Chinatown - and they're three roast ain't bad either!
See Woo has the largest selection of Dim Sum this side of Chinatown - and they're three roast ain't bad either!

There’s the set lunchtime menus, the a la carte and of course Dim Sum, one of See Woo’s specialities – and quite probably the largest selection this side of Chinatown.

The CO and I hummed and hawed over what to select when we were rescued by manager Stephen Chong who suggested he select some of their most asked for dishes. Job Done, couldn’t have been simpler!

Starters duly arrived. Now being a bit of a slouch with the chopsticks we were glad to be offered cutlery, but looking about at all the natives felt we had to give them a go – when in Rome and all that… These included salt and pepper shell-on prawns, which were so well cooked you could actually munch away on the whole body including the crispy shell.

Next up crispy squid with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. The other half was none so sure about this one so I got stuck in. Delicious, not the usual rubbery tasteless stuff so often served up. Next came the king prawns with salad cream – yes you read that correctly, salad cream. An odd marriage to be frank, but perfectly cooked they were in a lovely light crispy batter. Finally out came the pork dumplings with – yep, more prawns. There was obviously something very fishy going on here! These were however the piece de resistance, succulent, tender meat mixed through with shredded prawns, a nice touch of spice – these were right on the money.

So, having stuffed ourselves with that lot we waited with baited breath for the mains. There was enough fried rice for the two adjacent tables, and as for the portion of Singapore noodles – I could have taken half home and still we could have shared out the rest.

The chefs choice was a melt-in-the-mouth three roast dish comprising the most succulent slices of belly pork with an amazing crispy crackling, roast duck, which again was cooked just the right side of pink along with roast pork in a BBQ sauce. If you get the chance I’d suggest you try these – they are truly award-winning slices of meat.

Then we were served up a portion of crispy shredded beef, which, as the name suggests did exactly what it said on the tin. It’s unusual to get this dish cooked properly, crispy on the outside, tender on the inside and not drenched in sauce, so top marks to the kitchen staff.

See Woo offers a fine mix of authentic and traditional Cantonese cuisine liberally sprinkled with what we Westerners have become used to. You know you’re onto a winner when you walk into a Chinese restaurant which is full of natives, and the mix of food offered and sampled was indeed a winning combination.

Desserts were disappointingly mundane with a choice from a pre-packed frozen selection along with the old stable of banana or pineapple fritters. I was expecting more it must be said.