Wedding of the Week

Ben McQuade and Linzi Downie
Ben McQuade and Linzi Downie

The wedding of Linzi Downie and Ben McQuade

how they met: In April 2009, both were working part-time in Sportsters in Falkirk. He asked her out while they were at the bottle bank and she said no! But after three months she finally agreed to go on a date.

the proposal: Ben offered to take Linzi out for dinner at the Powfoulis in September 2010. She was supposed to be working in Sportsters but had an inkling of the proposal and asked her bosses to let her have the night off. After dinner, Ben got down on one knee and produced the ring box from his sock where it had been hidden.

the wedding: The couple were married and held their reception in Glenbervie House Hotel on August 12 this year. There were 80 guests during the day with a further 40 joining them at night. It was one of the few sunny days of the summer and was, they say, “perfect”.

the wedding party: Bridesmaids were Linzi’s best friend Emma Stewart and cousin Claire Duffy, while Ben’s best man was long-time friend Stephen Cole.

the dress: “Big, sparkly and ivory” was how Linzi describes her dress, which was specially made.

the honeymoon: The couple had their honeymoon in Mexico in July as Linzi was back at school the week after their wedding.

thanks:​ Special thanks to both sets of parents and dressmaker Lyndsay Bell of Grangemouth.