Olivia Josephine and Sophia Elizabeth Alghali

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The birth of Olivia Josephine and Sophia Elizabeth Alghali

THE DETAILS: Olivia Josephine and Sophia Elizabeth were born on November 18, 2013, at Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital at 1.27 p.m. and 1.25 p.m. respectively. Olivia weighed 2lb 15oz and Sophia weighed 4lb 2oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Donna Mclay is 34 and a full-time mum, and dad Tejan Alghali (36) is a self-employed plumber. Donna has a six-year-old daughter Katlyn and the family lives in Camelon.

THE PREGNANCY: Donna had all-day morning sickness every day, pelvic pain and ended up on crutches.

THE BIRTH: At 25 weeks, Donna discovered Olivia was not growing due to twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. After scans, medics decided to deliver the babies nine weeks early. As the twins were going to neo-natal care which was short-staffed, Donna was transferred by ambulance to Glasgow and the babies were delivered by emergency section. Both spent five weeks in neo-natal care at Forth Valley Royal.

THE BABIES: Both are doing well. They sleep well and are putting on lots of weight. Sister Katlyn adores them.

THE NAMES: Big sister Katlyn picked ‘Olivia’ and ‘Sophia’. ‘Josephine’ is after Tejan’s late mum, and ‘Elizabeth’ is after Donna’s sister and gran.

THE GRANDPARENTS: The twins are fourth and fifth grandchildren for Sheena and Peter Mclay of Falkirk.

THANKS: Thanks to the Poppy team and the wonderful neo-natal team. Donna said: “I can’t explain how brilliant they were with the girls and us.”

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