Murray Paul Meikle

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The birth of Murray Meikle

THE PARENTS: Mum Ashleigh Lightbody is 26 and is a staff nurse, while dad James Meikle is 33 and works as a joiner. Murray is the couple’s second baby and the family live in Slamannan.

THE PREGNANCY: Ashleigh suffered a few problems on and off throughout the pregnancy, particularly in the last week when she was monitored every two days.

THE BIRTH: Murray’s due date had been New Year’s Day but, after waiting an extra 10 days, he made his appearance. Ashleigh went into labour naturally and the birth went smoothly.

THE BABY: Murray is a fantastic baby. He is a pleasant wee boy who smiles at everyone. He sleeps through the night and loves his food.

THE NAME: Murray had been a name liked by all the family. Paul is after Ashleigh’s uncle who died last year.

Murray is a sixth grandchild for Janice and Jim Lightbody of Slamannan and a fifth for Val Meikle of Slamannan and James Meikle of 

THANKS: Special thanks to the Poppy team, grandparents and family.