Jorja Kerr Muir

Baby of the Week Jorja Muir
Baby of the Week Jorja Muir
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THE DETAILS: Jorja Kerr Muir was born at 5.05 a.m. on May 24, 2014, at Forth Valley Royal Hospital weighing 7lb 13oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Jillian (33) is shop manager at Paper Jewels in Newcarron and dad Scott (43) is a baker with the Co-op. Jorja is the couple’s first child, and the family live in Camelon.

THE PREGNANCY: Jillian said the pregnancy was “amazing”. She 
didn’t have pain or sickness but just got big very quickly. In the last few weeks, Jillian developed Bell’s 
palsy, a paralysis in the face which was “scary” but passed fairly

THE BIRTH: Baby Muir was six days late. Jillian had a difficult labour, but Jorja arrived safe and well measuring 55cm long.

THE BABY: Jorja is a fantastic baby. She has slept all night long from day one and only cries when she has to wait too long for her food. She loves cuddles with her older sister Sarah (14) and the family dog Enzo.

THE NAME: Jillian was keen to carry on the tradition of a name starting with ‘J’ after inheriting her’s from mum Joyce. The couple couldn’t decide on a name until after the birth when they came across Jorja in a baby names book.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Jorja is a fourth grandchild for Joyce and Gordon Marshall of Bannockburn, and a second for Susan and Peter Muir of Tamfourhill.

THANKS: Thanks to midwifes Eileen Richardson and Janet Greenhorn, the maternity staff, and the generous Paper Jewels customers.