Iris Foley

Iris Foley
Iris Foley

THE DETAILS: Iris Foley was born at 4.35 p.m. on September 14, 2013, at Forth Valley Royal Hospital weighing 9lb 7oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Jo White is 36 and is an architect and dad James Foley (38) is a web developer. The married couple and their first baby live in Falkirk.

THE PREGNANCY: Jo had a great pregnancy. She had no sickness and felt full of energy. Jo felt so well that the couple managed to renovate their home while she was pregnant.

THE BIRTH: Baby Foley was 11 days late. Jo had been due to be induced but went into labour naturally at the last minute. Iris was delivered by section after doctors discovered she had a weak heart rate and was a bit distressed.

THE BABY: Iris is a fantastic baby. She is full of smiles and loves hearing people talk and sing to her. She is a big music fan and likes nothing more than watching Strictly Come Dancing!

THE NAME: The couple picked
 the name ‘Iris’ because that was
 the first flower that grew in the garden of their home. They saw
 the name in a baby book and it seemed perfect for their baby 

THE GRANDPARENTS: Iris is a first grandchild for Irene and Alex Graham of Falkirk, and a fourth for Jimmy and Noreen Foley of County Tipperary.

THANKS: Special thanks to Jo’s mum who took care of Jo when she first went into labour, and to doctors, midwives and the neo-natal team at the hospital.