Callum Alexander Ross

Baby Callum Ross
Baby Callum Ross

The birth of Callum Ross

THE PARENTS: Ashley Ross (29) is an early years officer with Falkirk Council and from Brightons. Adam Ross (28) is a shipping agent from Bo’ness and the family live in Brightons.

THE PREGNANCY: Ashley had a great pregnancy with no morning sickness and only a little heartburn towards the end.

THE BIRTH: Ashley went into labour a week after her due date. She laboured at home before heading into the hospital, with Callum entering the world that afternoon. The family were just about to be discharged when tests showed problems with Callum’s oxygen levels. It turned out he had pneumonia and was transferred to the neonatal unit. Ashley said: “It was a scary time for us but the staff in the neonatal unit were great.” Baby Callum was eventually allowed home six days after his birthday.

THE BABY: Callum is a happy and content baby who loves looking at lights and smiling. He had some problems with colic but it doing better and sleeping well.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Callum is the first grandchild for Alex and the late Shirley Bennie and the second for Duncan and Anne Ross.

THANKS: The couple wish to thank the midwives who assisted throughout the pregnancy and birth and the staff at Forth Valley Royal Hospital neonatal unit.