Bonnie Willow Meikle

Bonnie Willow Meikle Baby of the Week
Bonnie Willow Meikle Baby of the Week

THE DETAILS: Bonnie was born on Saturday, October 10 at 12.54am in Forth Valley Royal Hospital, weighing 8lb 13.5oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Ashleigh Lightbody (29) is a staff nurse at St John’s Hospital in Livingston and dad James Meikle (36) is a joiner working on the new Queensferry crossing. The couple live in Slamannan with their two boys, Cameron (10) and Murray (2) and are getting married next year.

THE PREGNANCY: Ashleigh said the nine months were quite difficult. She had bad morning sickness and suffered pelvic problems meaning she was in and out of hospital.

THE LABOUR: Bonnie was born one week early and Ashleigh said, happily, the labour went in very quick.

THE BABY: Bonnie had a slight infection when first born and spent a few days in hospital being checked. She also has a dairy intolerance so Ashleigh has had to find milk that suits her. Mum and Dad are thrilled to have a happy baby girl and the boys love their new little sister.

THE NAME: Cameron and Murray came up with Bonnie as a name after watching Toy Story 3 and both Ashleigh and James agreed on Willow.

THANKS: Ashleigh would like to thank both grandparents, her Aunt Patricia, Theresa, the Poppy Team at the hospital and her family who had it tough sometimes during her pregnancy.