Baby of the Week: Steven Davidson

Steven Davidson
Steven Davidson

The birth of Steven Davidson

THE DETAILS: Steven Davidson weighed 6lb 4.5oz when he was born at Forth Valley Royal Hospital at 11.20 p.m. on June 19, 2014.

THE PARENTS: Mum Sandra Davidson (26) works at Clydesdale Bank in Denny, and dad Steven Davidson (30) is a civil servant. Steven is the couple’s first baby and the family live in Camelon.

THE PREGNANCY: Sandra said that her pregnancy was absolutely fine. She said that she had some sickness for the first 16 weeks but that it was plain sailing after that.

THE BIRTH: Steven was very keen to come into the world. He arrived three weeks before his due date. Sandra went into labour naturally and he arrived just a few hours 

THE BABY: Steven is “absolutely perfect”. He has just started to smile in the last few weeks and loves it when friends and 
family have a wee blether with 

THE NAME: Mum and dad couldn’t really agree on a name before Steven was born. While Sandra liked more modern names, dad preferred something more traditional. They finally agreed to name their son after his dad a few days after he was born.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Steven is a first grandchild for Margaret Blyth of Shieldhill and Dale Brooksby of Camelon, and a second grandson for Janice Alexander of Maddiston.

THANKS: Thanks go to all the couple’s family and friends for all their support and for all the lovely gifts. Mum said: “He’s been spoiled.”

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