Baby of the Week: Sophie Celia Fish

Sophie Celia Fish
Sophie Celia Fish
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The birth of Sophie Celia Fish

THE PARENTS: Mum Aileen Fraser (24) and dad Jamie Fish (23) are catering assistants at Ineos in Grangemouth. Sophie Celia is a wee sister for Emily Karen who is two. The family live in Main Street, Redding.

THE PREGNANCY: Apart from some pelvic pain – and “mood swings” -– Aileen reports a trouble-free time, although it went on for nearly two weeks longer than planned.

THE BIRTH: Aileen was packed and ready to be admitted on the Friday, but was not taken in until 2 p.m. on the Saturday. Things happened pretty quickly after that and Sophie Celia was delivered a few hours earlier than expected on the Sunday.

THE BABY: Aileen said: “She’s a really good baby, very content and a wee smiler already. She’s got into a great routine sleeping and eating-wise and is absolutely no trouble at all.”

THE NAME: Aileen and Jamie both liked the name Sophie and Celia is in memory of Jamie’s nana who died last year.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Sophie Celia is the second grandchild for Aileen’s dad Thomas and the fifth for her mum Margaret. She is also the second grandchild for Jamie’s mum Jacqueline and second for his dad, Stevie and wife Claire.

THANKS: Aileen and Jamie would like to thank both families, the Poppy Team at FVRH and add a special ‘thank-you’ to Aileen’s big sister Karen for being her birthing