Baby of the Week: Ruby Taylor

Ruby Taylor
Ruby Taylor

The birth of Ruby Taylor

THE PARENTS: Mum Emma Walshe (28) is a project manager with the TSB and her fiancee Scott Taylor (32) works as a portfolio manager with the RBS. The family lives in Glamis Gardens, Polmont.

THE PREGNANCY: Emma suffered from chronic morning sickness for the first 23 weeks! But after that everything settled down and for the remainder of her confinement she thankfully enjoyed pretty good health.

THE BIRTH: Scott drove Emma to hospital at around 10 p.m. on the Saturday. Overnight there were a few “issues” but their daughter was delivered safely on the Sunday morning.

THE NAME: Early on Emma had suggested Ruby as the ideal name if their first child was a girl and Scott agreed it was a great choice.

THE BABY: Ruby has been the perfect baby so far, sleeping well and feeding regularly. Proud dad Scott said: “Ruby has settled into a great routine already and seems to be a really contented little girl, which suits Emma and me just fine.”

THE GRANDPARENTS: Ruby is a first grandchild for both sets of happy grandparents, Scott’s mum and dad Ann and Craig from Grangemouth and Emma’s parents Carol and Liam who live in Bonnybridge.

THANKS: Thanks to family and friends for their support and generous gifts to Ruby.