Baby of the Week: Rocco Fyfe

Baby Rocco Fyfe
Baby Rocco Fyfe

The birth of Rocco Fyfe

THE PARENTS: Mum Helen (42) is a civil servant in Falkirk, and dad Gary is a labourer. Rocco is a welcome addition to the family and is a wee brother for the couple’s daughter Olivia, who was stillborn two years ago, and Helen’s daughter Stephanie Moody (24). Rocco is also already an uncle to Stephanie’s son, Calvin (3).

THE PREGNANCY: The pregnancy went well.

THE BIRTH: Helen was due to have a planned section a week before her due date, but Rocco arrived a week before that. Helen’s waters broke naturally but baby was later born by section after his heart rate decelerated.

THE BABY: He’s wonderful. His favourite things to do are sleep and eat.

THE NAME: Rocco was a name the couple liked but hadn’t decided on. After he arrived, Helen said she looked at him and just wanted to call him Rocco, so he was named a few days later. David is after Helen’s late father.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Rocco is a grandchild for Marlene Moody of Denny and Linda Fyfe of Denny.

THANKS: Special thanks go to the staff in ward 7 and 8, as well as their family and friends.