Baby of the Week: Robbie James Scott

Robbie Scott
Robbie Scott

The birth of Robbie James Scott

THE PARENTS: Mum Nicola Smith (21) is a beauty therapist while dad Gavin Scott (25) is the general manager of Scott’s Bistro in 
Grangemouth. Robbie is the 
couple’s first baby and the family 
lives in Grangemouth.

THE PREGNANCY: Nicola said the pregnancy was absolutely fine. There were no problems, and
it all went smoothly.

THE BIRTH: Baby Scott was 13 days late when he appeared. Nicola was induced in hospital and baby was born the next day. Dad Gavin and her mum Sheila McDougall were with her.

THE BABY: Robbie is a brilliant baby. He sleeps and eats well, and enjoys lying down so he can show off his new trick - rolling over. Nicola says that Gavin always makes Robbie smile.

THE NAME: The couple had a list of names they liked. When Robbie was born, they waited until that evening before they decided on the name as they thought it suited him. ‘James’ is after Nicola’s dad and Gavin’s late papa.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Robbie is a fourth grandchild for Sheila McDougall of Grangemouth and a first for James Smith of Polmont. He’s also a second grandchild for June and Alastair Scott of Grangemouth.

THANKS: The couple would like to thank Gavin’s parents as the young family stayed with them for a few months after Robbie was born.

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