Baby of the Week: Rae Blair

Rae Blair
Rae Blair

The birth of Rae Blair

THE PARENTS: Mum Claire is 28 and works in marketing and events in Glasgow, and dad Ian (27) works in construction. Rae is the couple’s first child and the family lives in Maddiston.

THE PREGNANCY: Claire said the pregnancy was great, after she got through a few rocky months.

THE BIRTH: Baby Blair was five days overdue. Claire was induced and it all went fairly quietly and smoothly from there. Baby was born in the early hours and mum and baby were home for teatime.

THE BABY: Rae is doing really well and is starting to develop her own personality. She enjoys swimming, Lazy Daisy baby classes and Hartbeeps sensory classes.

THE NAME: The couple found it difficult to pick a name, but one day Ian mentioned Rae and the name stuck.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Rae is a fourth grandchild for Anne and John Blair of Prestonpans and a first for Maureen and Colin Bennett of Ayr.

THANKS: Special thanks go to the midwives at the hospital, Jacqualine Traynor of Lazy Daisy and all the new mums Claire has met. She added: “We just moved to the area recently and everyone has been so friendly and welcoming.”