Baby of the Week: Olivia Gow

Olivia Gow
Olivia Gow

The birth of Olivia Gow

THE DETAILS: Olivia Ann Gow was born on June 25, 2013 at Forth Valley Royal Hospital at 12.49 p.m. weighing 7lb 2oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Cheryl (31) is a full-time mum from Linlithgow, and dad Michael Gow (31) works off shore for BP. Olivia is the couple’s first child and the family live in Reddingmuirhead.

THE PREGNANCY: There were no problems with the pregnancy. Towards the end, Cheryl did suffer from low blood pressure, but said that, apart from that, the pregnancy was pretty much text book.

THE BIRTH: Cheryl was four days overdue when she went into labour. During the labour, things weren’t progressing and the baby was born by c-section later. Mum and baby were both well afterwards, and Cheryl couldn’t wait to get the new baby home.

THE BABY: Baby Olivia is perfect, according to her mum. She has slept well pretty much from day one. She is also a bit of a water baby and enjoys swimming lessons, and she also like songs and music. Cheryl said: “We’ve been very lucky.”

THE NAME: Both Cheryl and Michael really liked the name ‘Olivia’. ‘Ann’ is after Michael’s late grandmother.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Olivia is a first grandchild for Michael’s parents, Annette and John Gow from Wick, and a third for James Craig of Edinburgh and the late Irene Craig.

THANKS: Special thanks go to the Poppy team at Forth Valley Royal Hospital. Cheryl would also like to thank husband Michael, too.

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