Baby of the Week: Niamh Catherine Macaulay

Niamh Catherine Macaulay
Niamh Catherine Macaulay

The birth of Niamh Catherine Macaulay

THE DETAILS: Niamh Catherine Macaulay was born on August 14 at 12.55 a.m., at home, weighing 8lbs 8oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Lindsay Macaulay (30) is an information analyst at the NHS, while dad Ross Macaulay (33) is an admiralty pilot. The family are originally from Falkirk but now live in Cardross with two-year-old son Ethan.

THE PREGNANCY: Everything was fine with no problems.

THE BIRTH: Niamh made a very speedy arrival in the family’s bathroom under three hours after the first contraction. Lindsay said: “Ross was busy putting the bag into the car when I felt like I needed to push. My mum helped deliver Niamh while Ross was on the phone to the ambulance.” Ethan slept through all the drama, only waking as they were about to leave for the hospital. Niamh and Lindsay were allowed home the next day. Lindsay said: “I was in labour for two days with Ethan so this was more painful but easier.”

THE BABY: Niamh is a very happy baby who loves to sleep. Ethan is besotted by his new sister and loves giving her kisses and cuddles.

THE NAME: Niamh was a name the couple both liked, and Catherine is after Ross’ mum.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Niamh is the second grandchild for Elaine and James Baird, and Catherine and Kenneth Macaulay.

THANKS: Lindsay would like to thank her stand-in midwives, mum Elaine and husband Ross. She added: “They were really brilliant through it all.”

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