Baby of the Week: Molly McClafferty

Baby of the Week Molly McClafferty
Baby of the Week Molly McClafferty

The birth of Molly McClafferty

THE DETAILS: Molly McClafferty was born in Forth Valley Royal Hospital at 5.51 a.m. on June 22, weighing 8lbs 1oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Laura Jardine (33) comes from Polmont and works as a civil servant. Dad Christopher McClafferty (30) is from Glasgow and works as a scaffolder. The couple live in Tamfourhill and Molly is their first baby.

THE PREGNANCY: Laura said she felt fine throughout her pregnancy with not too many aches, pains or sickness.

THE BIRTH: Although she was six days past her due date, Laura believed she just had a bad case of cramp when she went into hospital. However, she had literally just arrived at Forth Valley Royal Hospital when she gave birth to Molly. The whole procedure took around six minutes.

THE BABY: Molly is a happy, contented baby who sleeps through the night and spends much of the day giggling away.

THE NAME: Molly was a name both Laura and Christopher liked.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Molly is the second grandchild for Kate and Ian Jardine of Polmont and the fourth grandchild for Cathy and Wullie 
McClafferty of Glasgow.

THANKS: Laura and Christopher thank all the staff at FVRH for their expertise – and swiftness – when it came to helping Molly into the world.

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