Baby of the week - Milo McCann

Baby of the Week Milo McCann
Baby of the Week Milo McCann

The birth of:

THE PARENTS: Mum Lisa McCann (37) is an operations manager for a financial services company and dad Gordon McCann (38) is a scientist. Milo is the couple’s first child and the family live in Reddingmuirhead in the Braes area.

THE PREGNANCY: Lisa said everything was fine, but the pregnancy was a bit of a shock for her at the age of 37.

THE LABOUR: Lisa’s labour lasted over several days and in the end she had to have a c-section. “The FVRH staff were great all the way through,” said Lisa.

THE BABY: Milo is hungry all the time, but is happy and content - only waking up when he needs a feed and taking in everything that is happening around him while he is awake.

THE NAME: Milo is the Latin word for ‘soldier’ and was on Lisa and Gordon’s short list from the start. James is the forename of both of Milo’s grandfathers.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Milo’s proud grandparents are Betty and James McLeod who live in Camelon and Hannah and James McCann from Brightons.

THANKS: Lisa and Gordon thank the Poppy team at Polmont’s Meadowbank Health Centre and staff at Forth Valley Royal Hospital for the care they provided.