Baby of the Week: Max Law Hallahan

Baby of the Week: Max Law Hallahan
Baby of the Week: Max Law Hallahan

The birth of Max Law Hallahan

THE DETAILS: Max Law Hallahan was born in Forth Valley Royal Hospital at 4.22 p.m. on March 15 weighing 9lbs exactly.

THE PARENTS: Mum Cassie Law (29) is originally from Falkirk and works as a primary school teacher in Alloa, while dad Iain Hallahan (42) comes from Glasgow and also works as primary school teacher. Max is the first child for the couple, who live in Kilsyth.

THE PREGNANCY: Everything went according to plan for Cassie, apart from some sickness and hip pain.

THE BIRTH: Cassie’s waters broke at home, but she ended up being induced and then underwent an emergency caesarian to bring Max into the world, nine days late.

THE BABY: Max is a chatty wee fellow and is always kicking things.

THE NAME: Being primary school teachers, Cassie and Iain initially struggled to find a boy’s name they both liked that didn’t clash with any of their pupils. Cassie always liked Max and when they wee guy was born, Iain realised it was the perfect name for him too.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Max’s grandparents are Joyce and Douglas Law, from Kilsyth and George and Christine Hallahan, from Glasgow.

THANKS: Cassie and Iain thank family and friends and the staff at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

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