Baby of the Week: Lois Friel

Lois Friel
Lois Friel

The birth of Lois Friel

THE DETAILS: Lois Friel was born at 2.53 a.m. on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 at Forth Valley Royal Hospital weighing 8lb 14.5oz

THE PARENTS: James (38) is head of communications for a law firm, while Alison (36) Friel works for a Glasgow-based PR firm. Lois is 
the Falkirk couple’s second child and little sister to Leo (4).

THE PREGNANCY: Alison suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum but once the sickness subsided the pregnancy was straightforward.

THE BIRTH: Lois arrived a week to the day late. After the couple arrived at the hospital their daughter made an appearance just two and a half hours later!

THE BABY: Lois is a very chilled, happy and contented baby, only crying when tired or hungry. She is the apple of her big brother’s eye.

THE NAME: There was no particular family reason (or connection to Superman) for choosing Lois. The couple just liked it and it went well with Leo.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Lois is Mary and Gordon Jack’s fourth grandchild and the ninth grandchild of Kathleen and Philip Friel.

THANKS: To the Poppy team and to the midwives at the hospital who were fantastic, and a huge thank you to both sets of grandparents for their support throughout the pregnancy and since Lois’ birth.

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