Baby of the week: Lily Marion Scott

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Lily Marion Scott was born at home in Bo’ness on February 19, 2017 at 6.44am, weighing 6lbs 5.5oz.

THE PARENTS: Ashleigh Carpenter (18) is a full-time mum, and dad Ryan Scott (19) works in an Edinburgh hotel. Lily is their first baby and the family live in Bo’ness.

THE PREGNANCY: Everything was fine, apart from a bit of morning sickness at the start, according to Ashleigh.

THE BIRTH: Baby had been due on March 14 but on February 19 Ashleigh woke up with cramps. Her mum and boyfriend decided to phone for an ambulance and the paramedics turned up just in time to deliver Lily. Mum and baby were taken to Forth Valley Royal Hospital for a check up but everything was fine and they were released the following day.

THE BABY: Described by her mum as “a very happy and contented baby”, Lily has almost got the hang of sleeping through the night.

THE NAME: Lily was a name that Ashleigh had always liked while Marion is after Ryan’s gran.

THE GRANDPARENTS: The devoted first time grandmothers are Julie Carpenter of Bo’ness and Shona Scott of Edinburgh.

THANKS: The couple would like to thank the paramedics who delivered Lily and her grandparents and great-grandparents for all their help and support.